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Died in a caraccident and lied dead in 2 days and nights, but came back to live in
a church in Nigeria, where Reinhard Bonnke preached. After the resurrections
the dead said, that he have to give "the rich mans" last warning

It was what the big Nigerian news paper The Post Express writes

It's telling this incredibly story about a pastor, who died in a caraccident, and was dead as a stone in 2 days and nights. He even got a tough cemical injection, so his body did,nt go into a decay in the heat, when he lied and was waiting at the funeral. But because of a bibleverse, his wife woulden accept this funeral. Instead, she brought him to a church, where the evangelist Reinhard Bonnke was preaching and healing i the name of Jesus, but do'nt know nothing about the dead man.
And suddenly the corps began to breath.
In a few hours the mans body was in function again as normal.
He emmidiately asked for his file (note pad), because when his was dead he had seeing both the heaven and the hell, and there two angles have given him instruction to warn his generation - as an answere to "the rich mans pray". The angles have told him, that he will came into live at the Reinhard Bonnke meeting, so this account could be spread to the hole world.

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Read the parable about "the rich man and Lazerus" as the "dead one" was accounting to. Click Here

Video in english with danish subtitles ..Click Here. (A website in danish)
The danish title: "Opstået fra de døde)
Per 03.12. 2018 - They don't have it in stock, but are aple to get it.

The Danish christian newspaper "Udfordringen" webshop Hosiana have pr. 03.01. 2018 four left in stock  Click here  (A website in danish)

Buy it at Amazon.com but only in English without subtitles CLICK HERE 

A personel realationship with Jesus

An Another story

A buddhistmonk in Myanmar (formerly Burma) is risen from the dead, write Asian Minorities Outreach, who had maked thorough check up on the differents reports from the event. It was happend in 1998. A few days after the monk died he had to be cremated, and he already stinks of rot, when he suddenly sat op and shout: "It's a lie! I saw our forfathers suffer in a kind of fire. Buddha was there, and many of the holly buddhists too. They was in a ocean of fire, and I was meeting the King of the Hell, who said, that he do'snt care about how good people was - They are here, because they do'nt belive in Jesus Christ. I saw a giant named Goliath and he was there because he blasphemed the Ertenal God just before he was fighting against the jew David. Later I was meeting at a golden covered road (the way to Heaven) Peter, who have the key to the Heaven. He said to me, that I have to turn back and testify to the buddhists about Jesus Christ. Everything we belive in, all kind of idols (incl. the riches idol, money), do'nt wordship it. We have to listen to the christians, they are the only, who knows the truth". ( The monk had never heard about and even know anything about the christianity).
The hole area became into commotion, and many hundreds of monks converted to christianity and started to study the Bible. The risen monk speaked to all about his faith, and tapes with his testimony got to distribution. The goverment and the buddhisthierarchy intervened and the monk got arrested. It's now a serious crime to listen to the tapes. Some people means that he's executed, whereas others means that he's relased and carry on with his new ministry to testify about Jesus.
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