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New 23.09. 2016
Boerge laustsen
Miracle saved
our family
Oluf Borremark
From the slum in the City
to a life in freedom.


Written in Denmark 23. September 2016
Miracle saved our family!

(The short edition)
Boerge Laustsen 
National President of Full Gospel Business -
and Gerda Elmstroem
A married couple from Denmark.

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The family got a new life, which started with Boerge finding Jesus and receiving a calling from God and the hot-temper went away. As Boerge says, he was for many years, unpleasant to be with. In fact, he feels he was "a real bastard".
And perhaps that is correct, because his wife, Gerda, left him after many years of marriage, because she could no longer bear him, and the family split up – twice even!

But then God stepped in.

And by the way, what had made Boerge so unbearable?


A dissipated life.

Boerge and Gerda have been together since 1969 and were living a dissipated life with drinking, parties, pubs, dancing places, free sex - but no drugs. In 1980 they found a good neighbour and female friend.
About 1987 the friend found a man, who had a philosophy - A mix-up of eastern religions, freemasonry, Gnosticism, false Christian doctrines, collectivism and much more like that. He talked all the others into this, and shortly after they created a collective in this couples flat - four adults and four children. There was a lot of drunkenness and sex, but also, particularly between the man and Boerge, big quarrels about how to understand the Bible - They both knew the bible wery well - At last all these ups and downs were to much for Gerda and Boerge, so they moved back to their own flat, which they fortunately had kept. The friendship continued however.

The first break and something divine

During this time, Boerge had developed an aggressive and sometimes unpleasant personality. Finally, he was thrown out of the flat, and with help from friends he found his own flat. One evening before sleeping he got a horrifying thought: "It's all the others fault, they don't understand me. I will take a gun and shoot them all - Gerda, the friends and the children". He became so frightened over this thought that he burst out: "God, if you exist, help me and I will be yours forever". He started to go to church (a Lutheran church), where one day during the hymns, he felt something wonderfully divine come from above and down upon and into him. After that he began to change and Gerda discovered that, so Boerge moved back home. They found a Baptist church, but it didn’t speak to them, so they dropped out.

The second break

Slowly Boerge went back to being unpleasant and Gerda was afraid of him. This time Gerda moved out and moved to Jutland with the youngest son and Boerge stayed in the flat with the eldest son.
Once again Boerge was in a bad position - What now?

Call upon me in the day of
trouble, and I will deliver you, 
and you shall glorify me.
Psalm 50 verse 15 (New King James bible)

The salvation

Yes, what now? He was convinced that he, when he was together with the other couple, had been possessed by demons and these he tried to cast out with his own power, but with out no luck. He remembered the wonderful things he had felt in the church. He wanted to find that feeling again, so he began to repeat different scriptures from the Bible. Among others these: "I'm able to do all things through Him which give me power", Philippians 4,13. "The power comes from God" Acts 1,8. "I'm a child of God" John 1,12-13. ect.
Suddenly one day it happened - This wonderfully divine feeling came from above and down into him. He jumped up and he burst out: "Yes, all this about God and Jesus is true". He decided to go to the Baptist church the first Sunday in September 1994. There he intensely followed the worship songs and the preaching, and when he took the Holy communion he thought: "Yes Jesus, you exist, and I'm yours". Then Gods power/the Holy Spirit overwhelmed him and he staggered like a drunk up to the front to be prayed for Acts 2,1-4. This power came many times after this, even at inconvenient times at work, which he had kept always. From the Bible, he learned to forgive. Every time he went to sleep, he prayed The Lords Prayer and forgave in the name of Jesus all people he felt had wronged him. About forgiveness see Matthew. 5,44 & 6,9-15 & 18,21-22.

The fight

But Satan and his demons wouldn't give up and let him go just like that. He often had nightmares and could wake up with demons trying to come into him, yes; he could feel it quite physically. But then the power of The Holy Spirit flared up inside him to protect him.
One night he dreamed, that he was preaching the false doctrine he had been a victim of, in church and people was listening with interest.
Suddenly, he felt that he was thrown backwards towards the darkness. "No, No", he screamed out, "it is going so well. They are listening". Then he saw to angles and the one of them said to the other: "Well, you are the Holy Spirit, why don't you fly down to him and rescue him?". Boerge woke up because he felt that his body had been filled up with a wonderful power and he had a feeling that a battle was been fought inside him and he asked: "Who won? Was it you, Jesus that won?" He became more filled – as though the body was growing bigger. Every time he said thank you Jesus, the more he was filled up. And at last he fell asleep happy.
After that, things happened fast and he got rid of all the unpleasant things and even quite automatically stopped swearing which he normally did a lot. The attacks and the nightmares went away gradually and he didn't have any nightmares since. Stupid dreams, yes, but no nightmares.
When the eldest son saw the transformation with his father and that is was real, he too found Christ.
Boerge got a new girlfriend, but it didn't last, and after this break he discovered that he still loved Gerda and began to pray for her; that she would be converted and come back home. Many friends, both in the church and outside, supported this prayer. For two whole years.


In the meantime, Gerda had moved with a boyfriend in his house. It went well in the beginning, but when Gerda, who had believed in God her entire life, tried to talk to her boyfriend about it, he was not interested. Instead he became jealous and began to control Gerda in everything, in fear of losing her. The eldest son didn’t like that his brother lived under such circumstances, so in 1996 he kidnapped his brother - What a fuss, but it ended with little brother staying with dad. When little brother learnt what had happened with his father and big brother, he too found Christ.
In 1998 Boerge and the sons went to a Bible camp on bicycle and roller skates and on the way the visited Gerda. The sons tried to convince the mother to go with them, but she said no. Boerge and the sons was well installed at the camp with their tent. The next day it was raining a lot, but at noon the sun came out and Boerge was outside enjoying the sun. Suddenly he saw a well known figure dragging a bicycle, soaking wet and looking like a drowned mouse. 

God are able to do more for you, 
than you even can imagine.

(Ephesians 3,20)
(Many scriptures in this testimony are a description of
the essence of the verses in any kind of bible versions)

Gerda's way to salvation

When Boerge and the sons left, Gerda started to think and discovered that this life here, it can't go on anymore. The next day she took her old worn bicycle, which had not been used for several years and some few belongings and sat the course towards the Bible camp in pouring rain. For a while, she had had a job, where her arm got very bad, so on the way she prayed to God, that both the bike and the arm would hold. Every time she heard a car behind her, she hid in the ditch because she was afraid, it would be her boyfriend coming to bring her back. But it went well; The bike held and God healed her arm on the way. When she arrived at the camp, soaking wet, very tired and dragging her bike, she met an unforgettable sight. She saw Boerge standing, looking like he was waiting for her. He looked happy and had a mild expression. After they had greeted each other, she thought; "What a change. How is it possible?" Even though all rooms were occupied, she was lucky to get a room because of a cancellation, and there she was installed.
They joined the evening meeting, with worship songs, preaching and a mood, Gerda had never experienced before, neither in the Baptist church she had experienced in her childhood, nor later in the Lutheran church.
When she went to sleep, she prayed to God, that if this was real, then He had to give her a sign. She saw the New Testament on the bedside table, took it, and flipped randomly to the parable of "The lost Son." Luke 15,11-32. She exclaimed: "Oh, that's me! God, you have a great sense of humour.
It can be called a clear hint. Suddenly she was filled with something wonderful, and she felt she was floating one meter over the bed. Was she really floating? She couldn't figure it out afterwards.

They stayed at the camp the rest of the week. After the camp, the eldest son went back home. Boerge and the youngest son visited Boerges elder brother. Gerda didn't quite know what to do, because she had nothing planned apart from getting away from her boyfriend. She decided to go with Boerge and the youngest son, so they borrowed a small tent, which she could sleep in on the way.
When they put up the tents at the first tent camp and went to sleep, the son resolutely jumped into the smallest tent and with a grin he said: "Gooooood night mum and dad". Boerge and Gerda hadn’t talked about getting back together again, but was now forced to sleep in the same tent.
After the family visit and back home at Boerge's place, Gerda wanted to find a nearby flat, so she could be near the sons, but it ended up with her staying there permanently. They remarried in 1999 and call it their "Recycle marriage". Gerda got saved, found Jesus and got back the Boerge of her youth.

Shortly after coming home, Gerda was thinking: "What about all the money I had invested in me and my boyfriend’s shared house? How can I get them back? Should the boyfriend just keep them?" She went into the nearby church, where she prayed to God to find an answer. Suddenly God said: "Abandon all and I will give you all". Matt. 6,24-34. She found that she didn't need to claim her rights, but just let the boyfriend keep it all, even though she had the right to claim half of the value of the house. God would take care of her going forward. And this He has done ever since, although He didn't make them rich, and there have been times, where they had to turn every coin.  

                                                                                     Dear reader,

If you want the same life transformation as Boerge and Gerda, invite Jesus inside your heart and say this prayer or similar with your own words and experience Gods salvation and love: "Dear Jesus, I want to belong to you and ask you to forgive me of all my sins. Take me over completely and be Lord of my life. By your help I'll confess you to all other people."
Welcome to the family of God.

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   Soon, a long edition of this testimony in English will be available with many more details such as healings and the life with God.
      Keep you updated.  
If you are able to read Danish you can see the long edition here: CLICK HERE

Written by Boerge Laustsen himself in Co-operation with his wife.
Boerge is National President of Full Gospel Business - Denmark
and webmaster of these three websites:
www.fullgospel.dk - www.evangelizenow.eu ((The Danish version www.evangeliser.nu ))